A Home Suspended

I floated on the surface, the colorful world below me was already bustling with activity. When I swam down and sat on the bottom as though I was on dry land, the strangest thing happened. My perspective completely changed, instead of watching as an eagle removed like a distant viewer peering through a window, I was instead a part of this vibrant, living, breathing microcosm. Ever since I was young, nature has always been where I felt most at home. I love the stillness of it, the balance and the intricacy of it all. I have found that nowhere on earth can one experience this sense of harmony as unequivocally as when freediving. As you sink below the waves you are temporarily able to experience the world in its purest form. As you are engulfed in the formless sounds of the seabed all your worldly concerns are stripped away and you are left only with the now. Nothing before or after this moment matters or has ever mattered. Your entire world, your entire being, exists only here and now. Even as you are ripped from this stillness back into the world, you take a piece of that tranquility with you. It dwells inside you and travels with you throughout your life as a secret place of peace from which you can draw strength. This strength has inspired me into environmental activism on behalf of our planet so that others might get a chance to enjoy it as well.  

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